Wasted / Wake Me Up
Six Feet
NSFW (.)(.) (animated video)
Hey Mario
Rainbow Road
Mario and the Brick Breakers
Boom Boom Pass the Mushroom
The Whiskey, The Liar, The Thief! (lyric video)
Classic You (lyric video)
Let Go
Brighter (lyric video)
Hey Mario (lyric video)
Psycho In Love (lyric video)
Douchebag (lyric video)
Spin Me Around
I Already Know (She Don't Give a S**t About Me)
Dance Till We Die
One Less Heart To Break
I'm Not Alone (lyric video)
Drop Dead
She's a Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas
This Can't Happen Again (version 1)
This Can't Happen Again (version 2)
The June Spirit
An Unoffical Patent Pending resource